Hello there, I am Alex and I love nothing more than designing fast, stylish, kick-ass websites.

So you ask, who is this Alex guy? Well, I am the beardy bloke in the picture over there and I am a 30-something year old British web designer and developer. I have sometimes found that the web development game can be a bit confusing for anyone new looking to start a new site or revamp an existing one. Therefore, my goal is to make it and the process behind it, as simple, personal and people friendly as possible!

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Alex from amwd.

Homepage image for Rose and Crown. Site includes custom CMS, news posts, event posts, gallery posts, speed, security, SEO and responsiveness.
Rose & Crown

Gary and Karlos from the Rose & Crown needed an easy to update, modernised website for their lovely pub in the centre of Ludlow. The guys wanted to be able to update Recent News, Upcoming Events and Galleries for future events.

Therefore, a custom CMS was proposed to implement a single page dashboard for posting and editings these items. Alongside this, the site included a contact and booking form for both the meeting room and food service, an updatable menu and interactive map to help people find them. The site was also designed to look beautiful on any device and optimised for search engines, security and speed.

Homepage image for Oli Consultancy Ltd. Site includes custom CMS, live job postings, speed, security, SEO and responsiveness.
Oli Consultancy

Yasmin from Oli Consultancy was just starting out her recruitment business and came to amwd to help create her new website. The site allowed her to post new job postings, allow users to apply to these jobs, and a dashboard to shortlist and review the applicants. Once again, this was through a custom CMS which stopped her inbox filling up when people were applying and also resolved an issue faced by GDPR compliance. The site boasts: speed, security, SEO and responsiveness.

Homepage for Pivot and Crop. Site designed in HTML, CSS & JS and offers speed, security, SEO and responsiveness.
Pivot & Crop

The above was provided to the guys at Pivot & Crop and was designed as a single page providing the key information to clients. This was built with HTML, CSS and JS to help speed up the simple site and included prices, contact and a gallery. As per usual, the site was optimised, secure and responsive.

Web design

Web design is essentially the pretty parts of a website. I can design beautiful, stylish and professional sites for whatever your needs or style may be.

Web development

Basically how the website works and performs. If you want a blog, a shop or just a few fancy animations, I have you covered.

Content management system

My weapon of choice for websites is WordPress, this allows a stress free interface to update and add content to your new site.

Responsive, fast, secure and optimised for everyone

Every site offered will be designed, at no extra cost, for responsiveness, speed, security and search engine optimisation.

I have developed a method mostly based on the principles of "create, comment, repeat, complete" - essentially meaning, I make the first building block of the website, you tell me if anything needs changing, I make the changes and then crack on with the next building block taking the initial comments into account.

Sounds pretty simple right? So, this process basically goes on, say, 3-5 times dependant on size and scope of the project and then we complete! Throughout the process, I will send through a variety of documents for you to review and comment on. Typically, although not always, you will receive the following:


This is where I find out what it is you want from your website. Whether that is a simple landing page or an all singing all dancing e-commerce, blogging beast of a site.

Here is your first look at the direction your site will be heading in. It will make sure I have fully understood how you are envisioning your brand new website will look.

Now things are starting to look like the real deal, this will be a fully designed single page website with shots on both desktop and mobile to make sure you are happy with the responsiveness of the site.

This is when things have really heated up. You will receive a secure link to your new site, that will perform and look exactly how we have designed it throughout the previous steps.

This is essentially the final tweaks to the site following on from a few rounds of testing. This is also where the security gets set up and I make sure the search engine optimisation is running as it should be. Only thing left to do is transfer to your hosting and LAUNCH!


So, this is a little run-through of the developed process to get you your dream new website. After each step, a comment form will be provided to pick up any alterations you would like to make. This way, no one gets any horrible surprises as we both can be honest and communicate through each step. Hopefully, as an added bonus, we can also have a bit of a laugh along the way as we build your website together.

Anyway, that's enough words now! So keep scrolling down, if you would like, to see how to get in contact with me. Or don't, I don't offend easily 🙂

Fill out your details below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If desired, tick the box below and I will make sure a client questionnaire is sent through to you with my response. 

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Or drop me an email: [email protected]